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With the small anxiety attacks that have been coming along as each week comes and goes reminding me that we are that much closer to having our baby, I found that I really needed a distraction from all the preparation. I love getting ready for baby and putting things together for him, but I also […]

Due Date

“When are you due?” “When are you going to pop?” “What’s your due date?” These are the various forms of the due date question that I have been asked just this week and by complete strangers. It was as though the neon sign illuminated above me spouting off that I’m pregnant. Either that or people […]

It's Fall!

A time of year many of us anticipate: pumpkins, leaves, cooler weather (hopefully), pumpkin spice everything, colors of red, orange, and yellow, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just overall a feeling of what the end of the year will bring us. To me, this is the start of the holiday season and I can’t help but to […]

Being Productive

I have a notebook that I use to write down all the ideas I have for my writing pieces. To generate some creativity, I have turned to sources like Pinterest to see what other writers have used to spark that inspiration into their writings. I found some ideas that included taking time to write down […]

Our Week

Friends and family know the story behind how and when my husband and I became a couple. To keep it short and sweet, we became a couple in the 8th grade (October 2004 to be exact) and have been together ever since! Going through all the changes that take place as a teenager and young […]