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When they brought him into the house, never did he suspect that he’d be tasked with the challenge of residing with and helping to raise someone younger than he. After all, he was only four months old at the time, what life experiences did he have that he could possibly teach to someone else? Apparently, it doesn’t take much to show someone else the ropes around here.

The name is John, John the Cat. Some would describe me as an oddly shaped, long haired grey and white kitten. My front legs are shorter than my back legs and therefore makes me look like a hot rod car with my back end sticking highest above the rest of my body. I am full of life and I don’t discriminate against any available hand to pet or feed me. I love anyone who is giving me attention in that moment, but I want the attention given on my terms (typical feline). I hail from the local animal shelter and in my short life, I’ve already experienced hardships such as loss, being scared, and not knowing where my next meal was going to come from. Fortunately for me, I wowed some humans enough to trick them into taking me home with them to absorb all the love and attention I so desire.

But, there is now a snag in my plan…

Dom is this small human boy who has been causing havoc since his arrival into the house; everyone doting upon him and answering every squawk he makes. What is it that makes him so special? Why don’t I, John the Cat, get that kind of response? After all, I am softer and fluffier than Dom and cuter (if I do say so myself). And I most certainly do not soil myself with the expectation that someone else will clean my bum. But this Dom guy, I can’t yet put my paw on why he gets all the attention.

There will come a day where I may need to take a few pointers from Dom just to see what kind of affection I can get from it. He seems to be naturally good at getting things he desires around here and my needs aren’t much different than his. Is it too much to ask for a belly rub at 3:52AM? Or how about a quick game of “chase the lint” at midnight just when the house has become quiet? Perfectly reasonable, right? I’m glad we’re on the same page here! Dom over there even demands to get food at all hours of the night so clearly, my expectations are easy to meet.

I shall continue to take notes from this Dom and send updates with how his strategies are working for me!

????John the Cat


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