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This week has kicked in a little bit of the nesting feeling for me. I began doing baby’s laundry to prep the hospital bag. It was difficult to know which clothes to wash since we have a variety of sizes from newborn to 12 month old clothing. Obviously, he won’t be using the 12 month clothing anytime soon so those items stayed at the back of the closet. But still, not knowing how big/small he will be when he is born can make the clothing dilemma much more challenging. Do we only wash the newborn sizes? What if he’s too big for those? Should we also wash the 0-3 month sizes? What if he’s too small for those for awhile? I’m probably over thinking this (*shocker!*), but this is my first pregnancy rodeo so this is all so new to me.
I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and washed clothing sizes newborn up to three months. The funny thing was comparing all the brands of clothing; just like adult clothing, a size medium from one store might look smaller/bigger when comparing to a medium from another store. I didn’t think this would apply to baby clothing, but being the amateur that I am in this department, this realization did come as a shock to me. It’s hard to imagine that he will soon be wearing these clothing items that have been washed, dried, and folded perfectly in his room! (Let’s see how long the folding thing lasts when he’s actually here!) 😉
When combing through his baby clothes, I noticed how blessed we were to have such an abundance of clothing items for him that were gifted to us by all our friends and family. When we brought the gifts home, I didn’t take off all the tags right away because I was more interested in getting the clothes onto the baby hangers and in the drawers to begin filling the spaces we had waiting in his room. But, the time came that I needed to remove the tags to get them going in the wash. While doing this, I recognized that we didn’t have a hamper in his room! This would be a problem come the time when he actually starts going through his clothes. Especially during those late night outfit changes when it wouldn’t be logical to start another load of laundry. Then again, who knows what will be “logical” at that point when you’re sleep deprived with an infant!
I researched baby hampers to find the best bang for the buck. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how pricey some of those hampers were turning out to be! Up to $35 for a hamper?! I just needed something dedicated to catching the messy, tiny clothes; was that too much to ask? It didn’t need to have fancy features or be a certain color. A plastic bag was looking like a pretty good option at this point.
After looking at various shapes and sizes of baby hampers, I decided that I could put my DIY cap on and make our very own baby clothes catcher instead! Of course, my trusty Pinterest app was screaming my name now and there I was, lost in the loads of DIY hamper ideas. I ended up creating a hamper that only needed a pillow case, a sewing hoop, ribbon, and a shower curtain hook. Start by looping the open part of the pillowcase with the sewing hoop and tightening the hoop to your preferred tightness. Then, tie the ribbon into the sewing hoop (I created a bow instead of a knot). Open the shower hook and thread the tied ribbon onto the hook and place where desired! I snapped the shower hook onto a rod in the closet, but you could also invest in a separate hook to hang on the back of the closet door, onto a wall, etc.

Ta-da! All done in less than five minutes! And I ended up saving us some money by going this route instead which will surely be used on diapers in the near future.
Only 30 days until our due date!
Samantha <3
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