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Little Boy

A letter to my little boy… Your baby belly hangs out from underneath your nine-month-old shirts (which has been happening for a couple weeks now) and you’re not even eight-months-old yet. I can’t help but to want to eat you all up and kiss that little tummy just to hear you giggle with excitement. You […]

Two Months

Becoming a mom is an experience that is difficult to describe in words. There are so many emotions that go into everyday as your baby learns and grows and the small milestones they meet bring you such joy. As I sit here holding my little boy after a feeding, I can’t help but to take […]

Next Chapter

Texas has been our home since 2013 and throughout our adventure here, my husband and I have created some incredible memories. We’ve also added some pretty great friends who’ve become an extension of our family and couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences we’ve had. But now, it’s time to close our Texas chapter and […]