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Two Months

Becoming a mom is an experience that is difficult to describe in words. There are so many emotions that go into everyday as your baby learns and grows and the small milestones they meet bring you such joy. As I sit here holding my little boy after a feeding, I can’t help but to take […]

The Season

It’s that time of year! The time of year where people celebrate the holidays and spend time reflecting on what they are thankful for in their life. Along with the change of seasons from fall to winter, there are changes in people’s lives that happen during this season of giving and reflection. This year, I […]

The Babymoon

These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy and I’m thankful that tonight I am able to put my feet up and just write away. We spent a week in Disney World for our babymoon, took our maternity pictures, went to our prenatal appointments, and have finally settled back into our “reality.” Although it […]

Being Productive

I have a notebook that I use to write down all the ideas I have for my writing pieces. To generate some creativity, I have turned to sources like Pinterest to see what other writers have used to spark that inspiration into their writings. I found some ideas that included taking time to write down […]