How To Tackle Negative Feelings Healthily In 2023

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Negative feelings are a part of being a mom and a human in general. It’s something that we all feel at various points throughout life. How we address and tackle those negative feelings though is important because it’s beneficial to do it in a healthy manner.

Bottling your emotions up, for example, is the opposite of what you should be doing. With that being said, here are some helpful tips that will help tackle those negative feelings you’re feeling right now. With the right tools and tips, you can make negative feelings a healthy part of your life, rather than them having a negative impact.

5 Tips to Tackle Negative Feelings

Use the following ideas to help you tackle your negative feelings as a mom. It is worth discovering which tactics work for you.

Understand the Reasoning for the Negative Feeling

Where does the negative feeling come from? Is it triggered by something in particular or is it hard to figure out where the feelings have originated from? For some, negative emotions might be from the behavior of someone else, whereas it could be an internal feeling of negativity towards something you’ve done.

Understanding the reasoning for the negative feeling is going to help you figure out what you need to do next in order to resolve it.

Speak to someone you trust

Negative feelings don’t need to be something you keep to yourself. When you’re feeling them at the moment, you might not necessarily want to speak to anyone. However, it’s good to look at how you can better process them if it’s impacting your mental well-being more than it should.

Speaking to someone you trust is definitely important when it comes to addressing those feelings in a healthy manner. Make sure it’s someone you trust and if speaking to a loved one isn’t possible, then seek out help from a professional therapist or psychotherapist. 

There are other options available depending on a number of circumstances. For example, workplace chaplains are becoming a more widespread approach for cultivating positive workplaces, and this might be a great approach to help you get unhealthy thought patterns and mindsets out of your system. A problem shared may not always be a problem halved, but it can be incredibly cathartic!

Try to find ways of distracting yourself

There are plenty of ways in which you can distract yourself when it comes to tackling negative feelings. It’s useful to do this when you don’t want the feelings to spoil the day or evening ahead, especially with a little one(s) around.

With that being said, find something that is always successful in distracting yourself from the feelings. Whether that’s aggressively cleaning your home or taking a walk in a local park, find what works for you.

Look at patterns or triggers

Often enough, there will be various patterns and triggers that you can associate with when it comes to your feelings. By noticing the patterns, you can put proactive steps in place to avoid them from happening in the first place.

Of course, this isn’t always something that is successful, but it can certainly help to try.

Give yourself more self-care

Self-care is an important part of looking after your mental well-being, so it’s important to give yourself plenty of it in life. From using CBD oil to relax your body after a long day to applying your morning skincare products, giving you those five or ten minutes of time to yourself can certainly be useful.

Tackling negative feelings is part of your life, so use these tips to help address them in the healthiest of ways.


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