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    Home Renovation with a Toddler and Pregnant: How to Survive

    Are you one of those people who loves watching home renovation shows? Do you crave a good DIY project? Does updating your home make you happy? I can answer YES to all of these questions! When I’m not working or chasing my toddler, you can find me watching pretty much any home renovation show on HGTV. Or you’ll find me on Pinterest searching for inspiration to update something in my home. Unfortunately, doing a home renovation with a toddler and pregnant is not as fun as I thought it would be. Sure, there have been a couple of things I’ve enjoyed doing. But the truth is I. AM. TIRED. Insurance…

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    My Toddler Calls Me Babe & I’m Not At All Offended by It!

    Let’s address the elephant in the room here based on what you just read in the headline: yes, my toddler calls me babe! I’m sure this doesn’t come close to the number one weirdest name for a mom. However, it is pretty hilarious to have a two-year-old running around yelling “BABE!” from the top of the stairs when he wants my attention. There’s no doubt, when a baby starts to talk, it’s an exciting time! You can’t wait to hear the word “mama” come out of his or her mouth. Unfortunately, many of us mamas have our dreams crushed when out of the mouth of our sweet baby whom we…

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    Play With Me, Mommy: What Your Child is Really Saying

    I’m staring at a messy kitchen; dirty dishes that need to be washed, clean dishes that need to be put away, counters that need to wiped down, etc. And while I’m calculating how I’m going to tackle each task, my toddler comes to me and asks me to play with him. Even though my toddler cannot form full sentences yet, I get the jest of when he is saying, “Play with him, Mommy.” At this stage in his development, he communicates his needs with his body language, the use of baby sign language, and the sounds he can make with his little (and loud) voice. What he is really trying…

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    Playdate Ideas for Toddlers: Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Fun!

    “Sorry we’re late to the playdate. I got into an argument with my toddler about socks.” -Every Mother of a Toddler A laughable comment I’ve found myself admitting to and I am sure others can relate! Having a toddler is not always easy. Actually, it’s never really easy. This age group is pretty challenging, but amazing at the same time. Having a toddler means you are constantly learning new ways to keep your toddler entertained while also keeping your sanity. Therefore, many parents look for playdates to take their children to during the week and sometimes on the weekends. Playdates are fun for toddlers, but they can be exhausting for…

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    Toddler Milestones eBook!

    Hello, Friends! You know that feeling when you’ve worked on something for hours, days, and/or weeks? And then you FINALLY finish it and just feel this overwhelming sense of accomplishment? Like a literal bag of bricks was just lifted off your shoulders? THAT IS TOTALLY ME RIGHT NOW! I’ve been hard at work this entire week trying to self-publish a book about toddler milestones to get up on my site for all my viewers to have access to. Since this is my first time publishing and uploading to my site, there have been a tremendous amount of hick-ups and learning curves along the way. I can see why others pay…