Woman doing yoga: stay fit in motherhood

How to Stay Fit In Motherhood: 5 Tips for Success

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Samantha Flores

Staying fit as a mother is challenging. While you know you should take care of your body, you just have so many other priorities to deal with. It can become a nightmare. That’s where this post can help. We run through some of the top tips to stay fit in motherhood.

5 Tips to Stay Fit in Motherhood

The following tips will help you reach your goal to stay fit in motherhood. Implement these tips for success.

Do Pocket-Sized Workouts

When you’re a mother, you don’t have two hours to dedicate to an intense gym session. Perhaps you have 15 minutes or 20 tops.

That’s where pocket-sized workouts can help. These are fitness sessions you can slot in whenever you have some free time (like when kids nap or there’s a break between them getting home from school and you finishing work). 

Just ensure that these workouts are things you can do right there and then. For instance, you could do jumping jacks while waiting for the washing to finish, or hop on the stationary bike if you are the only one awake first thing in the morning. 

Get Active With Your Kids

Another option is to get active with your kids instead of seeing your lives as separate. If they are moving, then it is an excuse for you to do the same. 

You shouldn’t have much problem fitting this in. After all, kids seem permanently active. Get outside in the garden, go to the park, or join various sports clubs. 

Turn Fitness Into A Thing You Do Together

Another option is to turn fitness into something you do together. Instituting it as a family activity makes it more accessible. 

For example, you could turn weekends into hiking trips. You could also go cycling together on sunny summer evenings or go swimming indoors when it’s cold. Going to the beach also helps you get more activity, whether it’s running along the beach or swimming in the sea. 

Make Healthy Choices

While it can be hard to make healthy choices as a mother, you’ll appreciate the effort in the long term. Getting your nutrition and gym sessions right can prevent unwanted weight gain and keep you feeling healthy. 

Looking for a trainer is something Fitness 19 suggests people do. Training in the wrong way could actually get in the way of achieving your fitness goals. You also want to eat foods that regulate metabolism and help you keep the body you already have. Things like eating more nuts are associated with better health outcomes for many people. 

Listen To Your Body

With that said, you don’t want to overdo it. Being a mother and going to the gym at the same time can be draining. That’s why it is critical to nail your sleep and dietary patterns.

Getting seven hours a night and eating whole foods will give you the energy you need to put effort into exercising. These behaviors will also make it more straightforward to keep your fitness levels high because they will accelerate results. (Eating junk can cause inflammation and get in the way of the body’s natural adaptive response to training).