Kate W.
Mom of 3

"This program changed everything for me. This is my third postpartum experience and knowing what I know now, from Samantha's course, this should be mandatory for every pregnant woman and new mom. I learned how much my brain changed in both pregnancy and postpartum and provided answers to my many questions about why I was in such a haze, couldn't think straight and why moms are truly connected to our babies on a level nothing could emulate. Coupled with a plan to navigate a new mindset, I feel stronger and healthier as a mother thanks to this course.”

Jennifer L.
Mom of 2

"Samantha is so knowledgeable in all things postpartum and the support you get from this program is amazing. She has created a safe space of support and you get to become part of this community that’s filled with support, validation, and knowledge. I feel so honored that I got to be a part of her program. It helped me find my way in my new identity as a mom of 2 and gave me so many skills to handle the overwhelming times."

Jasmine P.
Mom of 1

"Samantha's postpartum class, her coaching, her lessons, her teaching, her conversations, her wanting to make a connection, her not pushing you to open up to her but always providing an ear to listen to you and advise when you need it or just someone to talk to when I'm having a hard day was something I never knew I needed after having a baby. She has taught me so much about how my body works as a mom, how my mind works and also about the ways my body works in future that will continue to help me as a mom. She was/is my lifesaver."

Felicia S.
Expecting Mom

"When I came across Samantha’s program, I was struggling with fear of postpartum depression. I had no idea what to think and had no direction. I was terrified to say the least. After I went through the program I had a much better understanding of what will happen to me and my body and mind. I learned things that no one talks about. I learned things that current mothers didn’t even know. I also got to connect with other moms that were going through the same fears and confusion as me. This program was so helpful! I would highly suggest it. I’m so thankful I went through the program."

Teresa R.
Mom of 2

"It’s hard to put into words the true value this program provided me, but I am so grateful Samantha created such an amazing program! This program was everything I didn’t know I needed. Going in I expected to learn about the changes my body was going through postpartum and have support while adjusting. Samantha exceeded all my expectations with this program. I learned so much more than I had expected and it really helped me to have a better understanding of the personal changes as well as changes for my family as a whole."

Drusilla S.
Mom of 2

"Overall the program was everything I needed and more, and it was more beneficial to be in this mom tribe in all of my moments than it would have been to be without. I learned more in my second postpartum journey that helped me even with my oldest child. And the feeling of never being alone through this is an experience I wish every mom could have. So many things that I go through on a daily basis finally clicked and made sense WHY these things happen. I am truly grateful to have this experience.”