Best Spooky Halloween Books for Middle School Kids

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Instilling the love of reading in children is fun to do when they are little. They are fascinated with the pictures, colors, and the expression in your voice when you read to them.

As they get older however, continuing that love of reading gets increasingly difficult! Suddenly, your middle school kiddo could care less about using their imagination and care more about the latest video games or using their phone for entertainment.

Lucky for you, there are many options available to help get your middle school children to continue to read! With Halloween fast approaching, there are some fun, exciting, and intriguing books out there that will be difficult for your middle school child to put down!

5 Best Spooky Halloween Books for Middle Grade Students

Is your middle school age child into Stranger Things? What about Goosebumps? Then you’re in luck! The following five best spooky Halloween books for middle grade students is the perfect combination of the two! Check out the up and coming series FrightVision from the twisted mind of Culliver Crantz.

Best Halloween Books for Middle School Kids |

1. The Cursed Coin

Do you remember reading Goosebumps as a kid? Remember on the title of the books, the author warned “Reader Beware… You Chose the Scare!” Well the same theme applies here in the FrightVision series: “Your Nightmare is Ready. Let’s Begin!”

The Cursed Coin is where you will find the beginning of the series and how these nightmares come to be. Your middle school child will find the spooky thrills that go along with how people change towards evil things when they touch the coin. The coin takes over their body and even the nicest of people can’t resist the hold of the coin, putting their lives in danger!

The brother and sister duo, RJ and Shelly, find themselves on a journey to the haunted mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac where numerous nightmares await.

2. Picture Day

Picture day was either exciting for you as a kid or a dreadful occurrence. In this book, picture day is most definitely exciting and dreadful! Similar to that of the 1993 movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, the main character in this book is stuck in a time loop having to relive picture day over and over again!

Past picture days have been just awful and Eli was determined that this year’s picture day was going to be the best yet. Unfortunately, his worst nightmare is revealed when he forgets to take out his retainer before the camera flashes. The electricity shoots through Eli’s body and he is forced into a loop! How does he get out of the loop?

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3. Wishful Thinking

If your middle school child likes comedy more than scary, then this book is for them! Combining some fright with some laughs makes this third installment of the series the funnier of the stories!

The main characters of the story find an old test tube in an antique shop. Hidden in the test tube is a genie who grants their every wish. We all know how middle grade students can think so you are bound to get a kick out of the trouble these characters get into. Until the genie turns on them!

4. Framed for Life

The boring life of a boy named Josh gets an upgrade when a new family moves into his neighborhood. However, things aren’t as they seem.

The new girl now living in his neighborhood shows Josh that things are very, very wrong. In the thrilling nightmare, Josh has to be the one to save her from her parents. Are her parents ghosts, aliens, or monsters? Josh has to find out with the help of his friends in order to save the girl from her undoing.

5. #GraveyardChallenge

Selfies are ever-so-popular in our world today and even more popular in the lives of young teens. Everywhere you look, there is a teen taking and posting a selfie with the latest hashtags associated to tell you about the picture.

In this installment of the series, the main character is no exception! She is challenged to take part in a selfie challenge. In a graveyard, no less! This is no ordinary selfie challenge, however. She finds that an eerie fog creeps closer in each shot. Now, she has to figure out a way to stop the fog from taking over her life or forever be a victim of the #GraveyardChallenge.

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More Halloween Books

With the first five books of the series published, Culliver Crantz is already in the midst of creating the next installments of the series. I can’t wait to see the addition of the next books! Keep the spookiness coming!

What Are Your Favorite Halloween Books for Middle School Students?

With the large selection of books out there, Halloween books are in abundance! Which are your favorite Halloween books for your children to read? Has your child read any of the books in this series? Let other parents know about your middle school child’s experience with the FrightVision series in the comments below!

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    Luna S says:

    These all sound like great options for October! I will have to let me daughter know about these, she loves reading.

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    Polly Amora says:

    I don’t have a kid yet but I have young nephews and nieces. They’re into horror stuff but I’m a bit worried that it might scare them. Hahaha! Wishful Thinking seems like a good option for them! Thank you for compiling all these!

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    Such interesting books! I now have a few additions to my present list. You gave me some interesting ideas.

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    Renee Theresa says:

    My son is only 8 years old but he really likes scary stories. I’ll bet he would love if I read a few of these with him!

  5. avatar
    Renee Theresa says:

    My son is only 8 and it’s a little too young for these but he is really into scary stories. I’ll bet I can read some of these with him. Thanks for sharing


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