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Little Boy

A letter to my little boy… Your baby belly hangs out from underneath your nine-month-old shirts (which has been happening for a couple weeks now) and you’re not even eight-months-old yet. I can’t help but to want to eat you all up and kiss that little tummy just to hear you giggle with excitement. You […]

Fighting Within

I recently read an article on a friend’s Facebook page that stated “motherhood is the equivalent of working two and a half full-time jobs.” Whomever decided to conduct this research, I seriously wanted to give them a high-five! At the end of the day when I’m exhausted, but can’t really show what it is that […]

Being Mommy

The day our little one came into this world is a day our lives changed more than we could have ever imagined. Heck, the moment we found out we were expecting was a life changing moment! All the words in the world could not begin to describe the love I have for our baby boy […]

A Letter

A letter to my husband… We’ve been through happy and sad times in the 14 years that we’ve been together. We’ve grown up together and struggled through some hard life lessons. But through it all, we’ve learned together and our love has become stronger. While our love is not perfect, I can say with my […]