Little Boy

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A letter to my little boy…

Your baby belly hangs out from underneath your nine-month-old shirts (which has been happening for a couple weeks now) and you’re not even eight-months-old yet. I can’t help but to want to eat you all up and kiss that little tummy just to hear you giggle with excitement. You are determined to accomplish something new everyday and it’s super frustrating for you when you don’t meet your own expectations. In that sense, you’re exactly like me! But don’t be too hard on yourself, baby; you’ll keep practicing and excel next time!

To have your innocence would be such a blessing. You see your little world with such light and you gauge where your adventures will take you each day. You laugh at all the little things that we as adults forget to laugh and smile about. You find entertainment in taking the dish towel off the drying rack a hundred times a day (we should really put that dish towel somewhere else). Our dogs???????? and cats???????????? bring out your biggest belly laughs as they try to escape when they see you coming in your Mickey Mouse walker. You think they are just so magical and they hold your attention no matter what you are doing. It really is the little things in life that make life so enjoyable! Thank you for reminding me of this.

Patience really is not your strongest attribute, but at your age, you just want to do all the things everyone else around you can do. The toughest part of the day for you is when it’s nap time or bedtime and that REALLY doesn’t set well with you. What are you afraid of out missing on? If you don’t want your nap, can you at least give it to me?????????

With each load of laundry, I find more and more items that no longer fit your growing body. They say humans grow the most in their first 12 months of life than they do at any other time of their life and I see this happening with my own two eyes????. Some days I feel like you’ve grown over night (if that’s even possible)! But as I see that stack of clothes that no longer fit you getting bigger, I start to miss the days when you were so little. Trust me, I’m happy with each milestone you achieve. But that also means you’re needing me less and less as you slowly attain your independence.????

These months are flying by and Daddy and I are already starting to plan your first birthday party! I never thought I’d see the day that we make it through the first year of parenting, but here we are. Tomorrow you will be eight months old and you’ll be walking before we know it (or before we’re ready for you to be walking). You are the light of our days and nothing makes us happier than to see you smile! You’re already a little jokester???? (like your father) and I hope you see that as quality to have when you go out into this world that can be so harsh at times.

I hope you continue to enjoy each little adventure and I will continue to cherish the time I’m able to have with you now. I love you, baby boy!????

Samantha‚̧ (aka Mommy)


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