Christmas Lights through Baby’s Eyes

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My husband is super thoughtful, even on the days when it seems like we aren’t seeing eye to eye. Today I came home from work and went about our evening routine with getting the baby some dinner, reading to him, and playing a little before getting ready for bed. Once we headed upstairs to start bath time, I heard some pounding on the wall, like someone hammering. I went into the room and there he was, hanging up Christmas lights on the ceiling and the wall!

I put our son down on the ground to play for a couple minutes while my husband finished the final touches. After, he turned off all the lights in the room and then sprung on the multicolored lights to which my one-year-old son stood up and clapped his belly in excitement! He was so happy to see the beautiful colors and he was just in awe of the lights.

Seeing my son’s response to such a simple yet grand gesture made by my husband reminded me even more that this time of the year is about appreciating the people you have in your life. In that moment, the three of us were beaming for different reasons; my son because of the lights, me because of my son’s happiness, and my husband because of our happiness.

This season, remember those who you love most and cherish the time you have with them. Make everlasting memories with them and be in the moment taking in all the joy. This is the season of joy, cheer, and love!

What are your plans for the holiday season? I can’t wait to hear about them below!




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