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Our Adventure

Our adventure began in 2013 when we relocated from California to Texas. We have been asked countless times why we chose to move away from family and live in a state we had not visited prior and truthfully, the answer is that we just wanted to try something new. And so, we packed up my […]

Next Chapter

Texas has been our home since 2013 and throughout our adventure here, my husband and I have created some incredible memories. We’ve also added some pretty great friends who’ve become an extension of our family and couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences we’ve had. But now, it’s time to close our Texas chapter and […]

The Season

It’s that time of year! The time of year where people celebrate the holidays and spend time reflecting on what they are thankful for in their life. Along with the change of seasons from fall to winter, there are changes in people’s lives that happen during this season of giving and reflection. This year, I […]

Hanging Hamper

This week has kicked in a little bit of the nesting feeling for me. I began doing baby’s laundry to prep the hospital bag. It was difficult to know which clothes to wash since we have a variety of sizes from newborn to 12 month old clothing. Obviously, he won’t be using the 12 month […]

The Project

As if I’m not keeping myself busy enough with all the baby prep, work changes, babymoon planning, and everything else life has to offer, I decided to indulge in a fairly large DIY project over the weekend. We have been on the hunt for a rocking chair for when little man arrives and they have […]