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Friends and family know the story behind how and when my husband and I became a couple. To keep it short and sweet, we became a couple in the 8th grade (October 2004 to be exact) and have been together ever since! Going through all the changes that take place as a teenager and young adult are challenging enough when you’re trying to make sense of everything happening in your life. But, going through the changes with someone else can make things even more challenging. You’re both moody, hormonal, stuck between wanting independence from your parents and still being a child, going to school, and just making decisions overall on the path in life you want to take. I am blessed to say that through all the challenges we faced, my husband and I made it through to the other side and we are now preparing to embark on a similar journey with a child of our own!
This week, we hit a milestone week: our 3rd trimester of pregnancy! We are in the final stretch and we’re even more excited knowing that we won’t have to wait much longer until our little boy joins our love story. This week was filled with some frustrations related to my job, but through it all, my husband was more amazing than I think he is already. Not only did we celebrate this pregnancy milestone, we also went through quite a few tests with the baby to make sure he is measuring where he should be in addition to that dreadful gestational diabetes testing. (Eww!) Whomever it was that invented that liquid nastiness to drink prior to getting that blood draw was a cruel person. My doctor tried to sell me on it saying it would taste like an orange Crush soda… Ya right, buddy! Lucky for him, he’ll never need to taste that bottle of lies.
Anyways, after finding out we were in the clear from that, my husband treated me to an ice cream date night. That was one of the most special nights we’ve had in a long time where we could just enjoy each other’s company along with our ice cream, feel the coolness of the evening, and just talk. Life has been a whirlwind for us lately with both of our jobs requiring more of our attention and all the preparation for baby. It was nice to just hit pause for awhile and be us.
Since that evening, my husband has continued to make it a point to show me how important we are and we’ve indulged in a lunch date and also went to brunch today. During the times when we are feeling overwhelmed with the baby or are just sleep deprived and don’t have time to hit that pause button, I’ll think back to this week and remember how strong our relationship is and know that there will be time again for us.
While my husband made time for us this week, he’s also been going through his own nesting phase. Fortunately, the nesting phase has not hit me yet (though I’m sure when it does, everyone better look out!) But seeing him go through it has given me even more of a reason to love him. He’s come home after work this week with thousands (and I am not exaggerating when I say thousands) of baby wipes and hundreds of diapers all ready to be stocked into our changing table. I know that we’ll go through them all quickly once baby is here! Having a partner like him preparing for baby has made this journey less scary and more enjoyable. We’re still nervous, obviously, but at least we’re in this together!
The next 12 weeks that we have until our due date will fly by in no time as we continue to prep the baby’s room, take the hospital tour, and try to learn something about the labor and delivery process. I am very much a planner so I’m hopeful that all this preparation we are doing will be beneficial. However, I still foresee us running around like chickens with our heads cut off when that “my water just broke” moment comes!
Do you think baby will come early or late? (Due date is 11/28!)
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