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“When are you due?” “When are you going to pop?” “What’s your due date?” These are the various forms of the due date question that I have been asked just this week and by complete strangers. It was as though the neon sign illuminated above me spouting off that I’m pregnant. Either that or people just became more confident that this bump in front of me really can’t be just a food baby; there has to be something else going on. Whichever the case, it has been interesting to hear from multiple perspectives about the ending of a pregnancy.
We are officially in the single digit weeks this week being nine weeks away from our due date. How surreal? There comes a point in pregnancy where you begin to wonder what is really going on in there and when will it come to an end. And then the end nears and you’re wondering where did the time go. That spot right between the start of feeling the baby kicks and just before being big enough to not be able to breathe normally anymore is the sweet spot! I should have enjoyed that time more because it sure didn’t last very long. Now, I have an anatomy/physiology major living in my inner quarters examining and exploring all the makings of my insides and rearranging the organs. This week, I began to wonder if I would start to run out of room for him to grow as I am feeling I am at my max already. Silly me; there are still nine weeks left! I’m sure he’ll figure it out and I’ll accommodate. #parentlife
As I answered the due date question several times this week, this brought on the realization that time truly is running out until our little boy is here. I’m even getting emails from maternity stores, baby stores, mommy-to-be websites reminding me that time is running out and I need to hurry to buy all the last minute things to prepare for baby. Talk about an anxiety attack! Most people have told me that I have been so calm and collected during my pregnancy. I’d like to hear what they have to say if they saw me today! 😉
There are all these subliminal messages floating around me each day reminding me of how much time I don’t have. I guess that goes with the fact that we are having a holiday baby so obviously all the stores, billboards, and communities are busy preparing for the holiday season while secretly telling me my deadline is approaching. I absolutely love the holiday season! Like I shared in my previous post, I love fall and fall is just the beginning of the most exciting time of the year (in my opinion). But this year, there is a whole different meaning and reasoning behind my excitement.
The baby showers that we were blessed with have provided us with so many essentials for our newest addition. I would proudly rate us at an 8 (on a scale of 1-10) in terms of being prepared for baby’s arrival. Still, there is always that thought in the back of my mind if we really do have everything. And we probably won’t have everything on the list, but we have what we need.
I am keeping calm and carrying on as I should until the baby decides otherwise. I feel the rush of deadlines coming up for work assignments that I need to complete before taking leave. I have been successful in coordinating and planning things to get done sooner rather than later just in case. I’m hopeful he’ll cooperate and not make his grand entrance until at least his actual due date, but we’ll see! If he is anything like me, he has his own plan already and no one is going to tell him otherwise. 🙂
61 days to go! But who’s counting…
Samantha <3


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