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We are less than two weeks away from our due date and finally meeting baby is about the only thing I can think about all day. I’ve added a little insomnia to my routine which has been less than pleasant, especially since I am still working and am basically exhausted all day. I truly think that the insomnia might just be due to having to use the restroom ALL.THE.TIME. So quite literally, everything I do all day and night revolves around this belly and the growing, athletic baby inside. He is definitely going to be doing some amazing things once he finally enters this world!
I have to admit, the most stressful part about this pregnancy has been packing the hospital bag. I packed/unpacked/repacked that thing a good three or four times before finally zipping it up and calling it good. I researched so many blogs, Pinterest posts, hospital lists, diaper company suggestions, and so on to get an idea of what to take with us. The hard part is that all birthing institutions/hospitals provide you with different things so there isn’t necessarily one cookie-cutter list to follow. And I’m a list person! I need a list or else I’m lost.
The most helpful thing that brought me to that final zipping of the bag was taking the hospital tour and talking with nursing staff. The nurse who toured us told us what they provided for me and she was honest about it! For example, my hospital will provide body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, but they will be in an all-in-one container. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker, but it did have me thinking to bring my own as I would prefer to have those three items separate. She made additional suggestions on what else I might like to bring for myself to be a little more comfortable and I appreciated that she cared enough to do so. Other considerations like what to bring for baby was pretty stressing. The nurse told us that they provide everything for him and we just need to bring the car seat. Phew! I had about six changes of clothes in there for him plus diapers and wipes that were no longer needed in the bag. Did I mention this is our first child?! 😉 There will obviously be a going home outfit that I’ve packed for him and I can’t wait to see him in it!
I finally decided on packing a pair of stretchy sweatpants, socks, leggings, a sweater, travel size toiletries, some foundation (gotta have a somewhat even complexion for those ‘going home’ pics), a couple of loose fitting shirts, nursing bras, and an extra pillow/blanket. Everything else is already stocked in the room. Plus, we had to pack a “daddy bag” too which has daddy’s stuff in there with the chargers and snacks. It’s a lot to consider what to bring, especially in the event that we have to stay longer if any complications arise (fingers crossed everything goes well). And since I am a HUGE Disney fan, it was only fitting that I used my Disney duffel bag (that was so generously given to me as a gift) for this trip to bring a little more magic to our room!
So, the bag is ready to go! And so am I… I have loved every part of this pregnancy, including all the aches and pains. But I seriously believe there is no more room in here for this baby to continue growing in and I’m about ready to be planted on this couch for good because walking just takes so much out of me. We’re beyond excited to finally see his little face and begin this amazing parenthood adventure!
Did anyone bring something to their hospital/birthing institution that they would suggest us new parents also bring?
Samantha <3
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