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    Ultimate Mom Hacks: 19 Secrets from Moms Rocking the Mom Life

    They say it takes a village to raise children. Oftentimes, that village consists of moms we haven’t met or moms we know through the social media world. When moms come together to help other moms, our world gets a little brighter! In this post, you will find a list of moms you can add to your mom village as you read through these ultimate mom hacks and find new secrets to help you in your motherhood journey. Find ways to make mom life easier and learn from others how they make it through the challenging days. Notice ultimate mom hacks that lead you to finding new ways to living life…

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    Mom Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Moms with Toddlers

    “Parenting is hard, especially trying to be patient with little versions of impatient you.” No truer words have ever been spoken! Life with a toddler is ever changing and without much notice. One day your toddler likes things one way and the next day, that method no longer works. It’s no wonder moms are continuously searching for the perfect mom hacks for life with a toddler! I have a toddler boy who is currently 20 months old. Life can be hectic some days trying to do all the things with a mini tornado running around the house. It is especially challenging (but manageable) being that I am a work-at-home-mom. I…

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    Productivity Tips for Moms: Time Management Techniques with a Toddler

    Productivity tips for moms is a fairly hot topic of discussion lately. Recently, I have been getting questioned by friends and family, “How do you do it?” “Do you ever sleep?” “Where do you find the time?” The answer isn’t so simple, unfortunately. As with anything in life, each day isn’t guaranteed and each day isn’t the same as the last. Fortunately, I found a way to do it all up to this point in my work-from-home-mom journey. I wanted to share my productivity tips for moms for those looking for a little more inspiration or encouragement in their lives. *Keep in mind, this schedule works for my family and…

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    What Mamas Really Want for Mother’s Day

    May is the month that we celebrate all the mamas; expecting mamas, new mamas, veteran mamas, working mamas, stay-at-home mamas, work-from-home mamas, and all the mamas in between! So, to all you mamas- Happy Mother’s Day! Regardless of which chapter of motherhood you are currently in, all moms seem to want a little something different for their Mother’s Day. Recently, I asked my mommy followers on Instagram what they wanted for Mother’s Day. I giggled at a few of the responses while also agreeing with a couple of other responses. But what I found was I didn’t receive answers about wanting the latest purse or hippest heels or brightest dresses.…

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    Transition Baby to Their Own Room Smoothly with these 5 Tips

    Recently, my little family decided it was time to transition baby to his own room and for Mommy and Daddy to have our own space again. This was a decision we made that took some time to execute. Honestly, it was hard for me to come to terms with letting go of the reins and letting our baby have his own space. After all, my son is now 14 months old and would most definitely benefit from having his own room. The baby clothes are just taking over! Considerations to Transition Baby to Their Own Room To preface a little, we were living in a space where my husband and…