Need A Date Night? Here’s What You Need To Do

Family walking together on the countryside: date night for parents

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As parents, we can all lose ourselves a little when we become parents. It isn’t easy to manage little ones, and your home, and ensure your relationship still has that fire. While it can’t be something you focus on all of the time, you can ensure you dedicate some time to each other to rekindle the romance. This is where a date night comes in.

Your relationship does change, and the dynamics are different. A date night every now and again can be a great way to let off some steam, enjoy one another, and remember who you were before the kids. But how can you make that happen when you are so busy? Here are some of the things to think about.

6 Tips for Date Night for Parents

Use the following tips to plan a date night for parents. Rekindle your relationship.

Find a date that works for you both 

One of the first things to do would be to find a date that you can both meet. You may both work or perhaps your partner works away. Sit down with your calendars and diary and work out when you could make this happen. This may be in advance, but it then gives you plenty of time to plan and prepare. 

Sort out childcare 

One of the big things you do need to sort out is childcare. It might be that you need to ask grandparents if they would look after the children, or maybe a friend or other relative. If you don’t have any options, then you could source a babysitter. There are companies that can do all of the groundwork for you so that you can ensure you find a good fit.

Check out websites like reviews to get a better idea. You could also look to enjoy a date during the day when all of the children are at school. Once you take care of this, you will find it much easier to enjoy your date and plan. 

Book something and make a plan 

It is always a good idea to book something where possible. Having a plan will help you to ensure that you have somewhere to be and know what your timings are, especially if you have someone looking after your children. Look for any special events or book tickets so that you are not disappointed. 

Do something a little different 

You could look at doing something a little different than what you would usually do. Instead of just some food out, why not book a theatre show? Maybe go indoor skydiving or do something out of the ordinary. An afternoon tea, a spa break, an escape room, there are so many options and it is a great way to just have some fun with your partner. 

Don’t just celebrate the special milestones 

It is important to not just book a date night on your birthday or for a special occasion like an anniversary. It shouldn’t be something that you feel you need to do, and often the most spontaneous days are the best dates. 

Book a night away 

Finally, why not book a night away as something a bit different? Trying to do this at least once a year can give you something to look forward to and a great way to rekindle the romantic spark. 

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration to get a date night booked. 


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