Santa or No Santa?

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As a new mom, I am constantly considering things for my son as he gets older. Each month, he meets at least one new milestone so there are thoughts of what more we could do for him to keep him learning and happy. This time of the year, we are considering if we should introduce Santa to him or not. He just turned a year old so if we don’t do Santa this year, it’s not like he’s going to understand that we skipped it. But if we do decide to go with Santa, then we kind of have to stick to it for years to come, right? So… to Santa or not to Santa, that is the question!????

As a kid, I believed in Santa for several years. I believed in the magic of Santa’s workshop and elves making toys and it made me happy. I believed that my Christmas list was mailed to Santa and I loved daydreaming about what Santa thought as he read my list and if he thought I had been nice enough each year to be deserving of a present or two. I loved leaving cookies and milk out each year on Christmas Eve and eagerly checking for bite marks in the cookies to let me know that Santa was really in my house! I believed and I loved it.????

However, I can also see the other side of the coin with parents choosing not to introduce the belief of Santa to their children. I’ve heard different opinions such as parents not wanting to lie to their kid(s) for years, parents wanting their children to believe the Christian version of the Christmas story, and some parents just wanting their children to learn to be humble and giving unto others instead of expecting gifts.????

I’m giving both sides a fair chance to make this decision for my little boy. I think I am leaving towards beginning the Santa tradition with him because of the experience I had as a child and how happy it made me. Plus, it would be fun to be Santa this time around with our child and see how much happiness it brings him!

But I’d love to from others in the comments! What else should I think about when considering the whole Santa thing? Are there any points that I’m missing in my consideration? What helped you make the decision with your own children?




  1. Angi

    December 6, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    I understand the sentiment of not lying to your kids but then you will be denying them the magic of childhood – tooth fairies, trolls under bridges, wishing on stars and birthday candles- the list goes on and on! One thing you also need to factor in is how would you deal with this at school – would he/she be free to tell their peers there is no such thing, would they brought up to ‘play along’, it stops becoming a decision just for your child once they start school. I’m not preaching the “go santa” team but this would be the considerations I would think about.

    1. Samantha Flores

      December 8, 2018 at 5:58 am

      Great point, Angi! So much magic to be considered and definitely need to think about the school years. Thanks for your suggestions!

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