My First Blogmas

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Happy December!????????????

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed all things fall had to offer this year. I’m stoked that Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is my favorite time of year, but even better this year is the fact that I get to see the holiday magic through my toddler’s eyes!

Also new for me this Christmas is my ambition to take part in the popular “blogmas” series. Blogmas incorporates the holiday season into various blog posts, such as DIY Christmas gifts, Christmas traditions, hopes for the New Year, etc. The most ambitious part of it is that I will create and publish a post every day from now until Christmas! That’s 25 consecutive posts!????

Below is the list of post ideas I have put together to follow for the month. I hope to inspire others in these posts to reflect on their blessings this year and maybe even introduce new traditions to other families! Also, don’t forget to download your FREE Christmas gift shopping list at the end of this post!

  1. Introduction to Blogmas
  2. Favorite time of the year

  3. Tree Lighting Experience with baby

  4. What to get baby for Christmas

  5. Shop small businesses

  6. Last year’s Christmas

  7. Favorite Christmas movie

  8. Decorating the Christmas tree

  9. Amazon Christmas deals

  10. DIY Christmas gifts

  11. Gifts for mom

  12. Christmas lights through baby’s eyes

  13. Christmas crafts- ECE

  14. What I look forward to each Christmas

  15. My Christmas tradition (cookies)

  16. Pictures with Santa

  17. Being humble (fear of rejection)

  18. My inspiration to blog

  19. Christmas lights

  20. Blogmas check-in/update

  21. Reflecting on 2018

  22. Hopes for my baby this Christmas

  23. New Year’s goals

  24. Christmas Eve

  25. Merry Christmas

What new adventures are you taking on this year? Are there any posts you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below!




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First time parent to an incredible little boy residing in Northern California. I hold my M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Culturally Responsive Education. My mission is to consistently provide helpful content for other parents to draw from. Parenthood is ever-changing! I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hope that my posts are insightful.


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    doc4loveRachel Jo says:

    WOW! I am doing blogmas as well and didn’t even know it ???? I do 25 Days of Christmas Love Challenge for couples who love Christmas. It’s about doing something small for 25 days till Christmas day. I am doing it for a first time as well and fully understand you, it’s a bit scary knowing the commitment is for 25 days and there’s no escape ???? Love you ideas and looking forward to see how it all goes.

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      Samantha Flores says:

      Hello, Rachel! I love your idea of the Christmas Love Challenge! Do you have a website I might be able to view and see your posts? My husband and I would benefit groin your challenge.❤

    1. avatar
      Samantha Flores says:

      I hadn’t heard of vlogmas! Something for me to look into as well, thanks for sharing!????


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