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Hanging Hamper

This week has kicked in a little bit of the nesting feeling for me. I began doing baby’s laundry to prep the hospital bag. It was difficult to know which clothes to wash since we have a variety of sizes from newborn to 12 month old clothing. Obviously, he won’t be using the 12 month […]

The Project

As if I’m not keeping myself busy enough with all the baby prep, work changes, babymoon planning, and everything else life has to offer, I decided to indulge in a fairly large DIY project over the weekend. We have been on the hunt for a rocking chair for when little man arrives and they have […]


With the small anxiety attacks that have been coming along as each week comes and goes reminding me that we are that much closer to having our baby, I found that I really needed a distraction from all the preparation. I love getting ready for baby and putting things together for him, but I also […]